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Finding wonder in the natural world

I love gardens, the showier the better! There's also beauty in cottage gardens and in flower beds where the plants are so plentiful that they appear to tangle with each other. Here are gardens featured in See Me: A Jeannie Johal Thriller, as well as a few of my favorites in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada.  I hope you enjoy these images.

Van Dusen Garden.png

Stopping to smell the roses

I was once visiting the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario, with my husband and mother. Mom and I were in a state of ecstasy as we wandered among the rose bushes, inhaling their heady scents. My husband told us there were even nicer roses closer to the gate. It took us a moment before we realized he was trying to get us closer to the exit. It didn't work. We continued to stop and smell the roses. They were wonderful!

Garden Snapshots

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