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As a writer, I am a natural observer. My stories are inspired by human nature – how we interact with others and what we learn from our personal experiences. There is an element of truth in each story.

Below are some vignettes that I wrote. I hope you find them entertaining.


Most have a hint of humor, whether it's an elderly woman's first reaction to seeing a Sikh man in traditional garb and the culturally sensitive daughter's reaction to her mother. There's a comical story that arises when a teenager unwittingly makes a serious commitment as the result of not knowing a language as well as she thinks. And there's a touching story about a nurse who sings a lullaby with a dying man.


These stories relate to themes in See Me: A Jeannie Johal Thriller. The making of a hero gives a glimpse of Jeannie's rescue after falling off the skytrain platform onto the tracks. The vignette, At least he didn't touch your thigh, will leave you thinking about the complex Dr. Peterson in See Me committed to providing the best possible care for patients, beloved by them, and very flawed in his personal behavior.

Several stories speak to West Coast settings. Key elements of the City of Surrey, BC are highlighted in East vs. West (Crescent Beach, Blackie Spit, and the Pacific Ocean),  Thanks for not wearing pajamas to the office (Surrey's large Sikh population), The universallanguage of nursing (nurses in the Surrey hospital), You never know when you'll need an insulated bag (the fishing port of Steveston, near Vancouver).

Finally, There are no bodies buried between these walls, A thousand cloves of garlic, and a free margarita are gently comedic stories that will, I hope, elicit a chuckle.

I'd love to know your thoughts on these stories.

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