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Buyers bought books; jewelry - not so much

I participated in the local craft fair as a vendor four weeks ago, black velvet display stands trailing with gold and silver chains adorned with amesthysts and Swarovski crystals. And there were a few racks of highly polished sterling silver earrings throwing off sharp, shiny glints. My book was, indeed, lined up in stacks on a black velvet tablecloth.

Guess what?

Even at deeply discounted prices (Do you know anyone else who dropped the prices of some earrings to $1 a pair?), there was very limited interest in the jewelry.

But the book was another story!

A friend of mine up the street placed an announcement on her Facebook page encouraging people in the neighborhood to drop by the craft fair and show support for a local resident by buying a copy of See Me: A Jeannie Johal Thriller.

And they did! I sold twenty-six copies! In the bigger scheme of the Amazoniverse, that may not sound like a lot, but for me, a new author, every copy counts.

Thank you so much to Greenville residents!

Two of them have since written reviews/posted comments. Here they are:

From A.H., Winterville, NC: "The opening sentence; the introduction to the novel and its plot compelled me to continue reading, from the very beginning it grabbed my attention and made me wonder what got the main character to the point where they had to alter their whole identity? the plot thickened and got more interesting after each page i flipped. I couldn’t stop until i finished reading the book, absorbing every detail written, it is more than worth the read. I’d recommend this book, especially for a young adult like myself."

From Under5, Robersonville, NC: "Susann Camus is a delightful writer. I often find it difficult to stay focused when so many characters are involved in a storyline. However, she manages to intertwine all of the characters into an intriguing storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Her portrayal of the behind the scenes of the health care system was very realistic. I hope to see other novels by her."

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